Alexei Orlov Speaks

This new blog website holds many thoughts and ideas on business and life and links to all things Alexei Orlov all over the web.

You can find out about this one-of-a-kind professional who has truly interrupted every business and corporation that he has been put in charge of throughout his career and consistently leaves them better than he found them. Alexie Orlov has an amazing outlook when it comes to people and business and it all begins with APPLIED EMPATHY.

Applied Empathy is at the heart of every business decision, every word he writes, every direction he gives to those that work for him, every major project he leads for clients. Alexei Orlov lives his life with the idea of applied empathy at the center and it has made him an outrageous international business success.

Today, Alexie Orlov is running a new start-up holding company called MTM. is the website. MTM has acquired several specialists-focused niche marketing agencies that all work together to bring their clients from all over the world first-class brand activation services with Alexei Orlov and MTM at the heart of it all.

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Alexei Orlov is a proven specialist in global brand strategy, regional and cross-cultural marketing deployment, and operational change management.