Alexei Orlov’s Brand Activation Expertise Lies in the ‘Building’ and the ‘Acquiring’

Alexei Orlov and the power of empathy in

Alexei Orlov believed that he was going to be a priest. He always felt called to be a leader, but he was first called to take a leadership role in the church. It was a calling that Alexei was equipped to pursue. His role would have been to help people navigate their way through their spiritual journeys. Although forced to leave seminary, the time spent on his spiritual training was not wasted. The priesthood gives a man the tools to deal with elevated leadership situations. The global marketing specialist believes this education was the perfect primer for the career he was meant to seek.

Alexei Orlov Learns to Build a Brand

Since he parted with the priesthood, Alexei Orlov believes that he found his true calling in the business world. The first job he had after leaving seminary was in the field of merchandising. This job allowed him to develop and exercise his creative side while simultaneously gaining valuable business skills. Along with packaging and sizing, Alexei also had the opportunity to learn all about color and working within a team. In the merchandising world, Alexei was also allowed to engage in the operational side of the business as much as he was involved in the creative movement.

From the onset of his business world adventures, Alexei Orlov chose to retain job titles that developed mature thinking around all aspects of the business landscape. Engaging in creative and operational business moments early on, allowed Orlov to grow as a business leader in all pursuits and made for more easily traversed stepping stones up the ladder of success. Orlov deciphered and maneuvered up those stones quickly. Soon, he found himself firmly planted in global leadership positions; owning every aspect of the businesses he led just as he learned to do as a merchandiser fresh on the business scene. Alexei Orlov quickly turned those business leadership roles into a more entrepreneurial pursuit by challenging himself to build a business of his own.

Alexei Orlov is a great man of character and strength. That’s his face.
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With experience spanning 30 years, 40 countries, and 50 brands, Alexei Orlov has made life his business and business his life as a seasoned leader in Global Marketing. A proven specialist in global brand strategy, marketing deployment, and operational change management, Alexei’s passionate and dynamic leadership has been a driving force throughout his career.

Alexei Orlov is the Founder and Global CEO of MTM choice, a boutique network of skilled practitioners specializing in high-precision brand activation and media optimization. Bolstered by market-enabling technologies, mtm agencies seek to help brands excel at the “moments that matter” for their customers and consumers.



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