Alexei Orlov’s Rise to Entrepreneurial Success with MTM


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Countless individuals believe that success is more easily spoken about than achieved. As for Alexei Orlov, his rise to entrepreneurial success was not always a successive volley or in any way effortless. Instead, Orlov began laying the groundwork to become the professional leader he is today. Alexei Orlov started at the bottom of the business structure, learning what it takes to succeed in each specific position he acquired, collecting and storing that knowledge from each. He would then move to the next title he needed to conquer. Yet, Alexei Orlov did one thing that most people don’t have the foresight to do at the beginning of their careers. At the start, he set very high but realistic goals for himself.

At the beginning of his business career, Alexei Orlov worked in a merchandising position and used it as a catalyst to begin developing all of his essential professional skills. Quickly Orlov’s persistence, his drive to succeed, and willingness to learn a whole new set of tasks with every new title he earned lead him up the ladder and on the pathway to success. The world of business and the success he achieved here felt very organic after his first career choice faltered. Orlov initially believed the priesthood was his calling. Subsequently, he acquired and then usefully implemented many valuable pieces of knowledge from his time in seminary beyond the church’s walls on his quest to become a leader in the global business market.


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Alexei Orlov is a proven specialist in global brand strategy, regional and cross-cultural marketing deployment, and operational change management.