Syndicate Sub Rosa and Alexei Orlov partner to bring brands back to life



Syndicate Sub Rosa is a branding agency that emphasizes applied empathy, cultural insight, and creative intelligence as it reimagines, reinvents, and assists brands in finding their full potential. The branding and marketing company is one of four agencies that fall under the all-encompassing MTM umbrella run by Alexei Orlov. Given Alexei Orlov’s inspiring past, working with countless brands across the globe, it should come as little surprise that Syndicate Sub Rosa has an extensive global reach and clients scattered into every corner of the universe as well. However, it is not just Alexei Orlov and MTM’s partnership that has helped the agency grow. Instead, it is the simple fact that Syndicate Sub Rosa offers an innovative approach to marketing that simply works.

The Psychology Behind Syndicate Sub Rosa’s Approach

“We bring together research, strategy, and design to clarify purpose and drive growth, engagement, and awareness for brands.”

One of the main reasons Syndicate Sub Rosa stands out amidst a crowd of competitors begins with its process, which includes delving into the brand landscape using emotion and empathy as the viewing lens.

Client: Goop and Gwyneth Paltrow

If a brand has lost its connection with its audience, Syndicate Sub Rosa examines why this is occurring. Once analyzed and understood, it can solve the issue and reconnect the brand with its people.

Alexei Orlov, MTM CEO, is incredibly skilled with the use of ‘applied empathy’ as a core marketing tactic. This connection very well could be what initially drew Orlov to Syndicate Sub Rosa. He acquired the branding agency in 2017 to make it an essential part of his specialist-driven brand-activating corner of the marketing world he calls MTM (Moments That Matter).

Client: Pantone

The Psychology Behind Syndicate Sub Rosa’s Approach — Part II

Once unearthing the breakdown of communication between a brand and its marketing message, Syndicate Sub Rosa looks at its data to create brand messaging solutions that will stay relevant, strong, and echo timelessly across the globe. In other words, while the company strives to remain culturally and contextually relevant, Syndicate Sub Rosa assists them in realizing that the most vital campaigns transcend time by focusing on the practice of evoking strong emotion instead of relying on temporary fads. Catchy advertisements work short-term, but long-term connections build a customer base that will follow a brand for life.

display with legs and feet with Nike shoes form alexei orlov and Syndicate Sub Rosa
display with legs and feet with Nike shoes form alexei orlov and Syndicate Sub Rosa

To this end, while building a new marketing campaign, approach, or platform, Syndicate Sub Rosa pays special attention to the responses of multiple test audiences and continually refines its approach before bringing a brand to life. The average marketing campaign for consumers consists of ad campaigns, digital experiences, creative copy, spatial design, and a strong new visual identity that embodies a brand. Syndicate Sub Rosa gives brands the essentials and so much more.


Alexei Orlov is a proven specialist in global brand strategy, regional and cross-cultural marketing deployment, and operational change management.